18 Aug 2010


I possess incapability to make decisions about myself to the extent that im undecidedly prominent in what I am.
First thing I should probably say is that i'm lost, deep inside myself, inside my thoughts (and there really are so many of them). Imagination has never escaped me, for example, my fear of the dark is due to imagining shapes in dark corners of my room as a small child. Despite my talk of such an imagination, I never ever know what to write, which probably stems from never knowing quite the right thing to say. Foot and mouth is commonly known as a disease for animals, but once I start talking it usually all goes pear-shaped and I put my foot right in dirty situations, so I guess I could class my poor conversational ettiquette as 'foot and mouth'. Quite recently I ruined my life in one of these social blunders, but I shall continue to blame the intoxication for this particular episode. Intoxication is another downpoint on my ever growing list of unredeeming qualities, but i'm not as bad as I could be, and I pride myself on it. I don't consider myself to have too many attractive qualities, I don't particularly like myself at the best of times. I'm lost, confused and unable to trust as much as I should. 
To the person who doesn't want me?
I don't want me either.

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