30 Jul 2010

26 Jul 2010

*I wouldn't mind some loving at the moment, nothing serious enough to scare me off, butit would be nice for somebody to make me feel pretty. Where on earth are these wonderful men we read and dream about? I'm begining to believe that such men are myths - they belong to fairytales.

**I also wouldn't turn down some Marc Jacob's Daisy, I miss it.

20 Jul 2010

♥  Stereophonics - Daisy Lane
Beautiful song, makes me think of someone.

15 Jul 2010

This evening was the Olchfa School's Art department's exhibition, 'Private View'. The first Photographs are of my paintings for my 'Alice in Wonderland/Youth Culture' and 'Distressed' Topics within my A level coursework/exam. The Second Photographs are of two drawings I did on Holiday during our 5 hour plane delay of two different perfume advertisements. I'm not amazing, but I enjoy it, so I thought I would share.
My most recent favourite item of Jewellery! The pendant was previously an earring that I found whilst walking a few months back, and so I twisted the spoke so that it could be threaded onto my plain chain and worn as a long necklace. I love how odd it is, asymetrical and somewhat ambiguous.

Some music for you also, my parents recently went to see Joan Armatrading and Lisbee Stainton was her supporting act. They returned with her CD, signed wishing my mother, Elaine, all the best. Her music, however, really is lovely. Check her our on her website (Lisbeestainton.com). My personal favourites are 'Red', 'Is Whispering' and 'Waiting Game'
Enjoy ♥

13 Jul 2010

A sneak preview of what I'm listening to at the moment. I burnt this mini playlist onto a disc to play in the mini, and if possible, the music suits the car. If was to recommend any of the song in particular, it would have to be Belle and Sebastian's 'Piazza. New York Catcher', Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control' and, of course, Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' (my all time favourite since childhood).

90s Grunge

Makeup trend: Think Courtney Love, Smokey eyes with a dark red lip. Pair it with some lace, ripped denim and some lace up boots and youre ready for the 90's grunge trend. Sorted.

9 Jul 2010

Some of my holiday snaps, Already missing the grecian ambiance.

8 Jul 2010

I have just returned from a week away in Zakynthos in Greece with the family, a five hour delay preceeding the three hour flight back to rainy rainy Wales, so I shall make this quick. Pictures shall be up in no time i'm sure, but exhausted as I am, I shall just quickly post some images revisiting some childhood that cheer me up and I hope will bring happy memories to you, as a reader! Prepare for Disney.

And one more, for someone I probably shouldn't be thinking about.