3 Jun 2010

So you've met a decent seeming young gentleman, he's handsome, charming and just that little bit witty. You meet up for drinks, a pint of fosters for him and a small glass of white wine for you. He offers going back to his for a bottle of wine and a film, you accept. Now, it would be naive to assume that that was all that was going to occur in the preceeding two hours before you need to leave. How on this earth should you behave after this whole shenanigan? Do you text first, or wait for him? So, against all logic, you text him first knowing that he is leaving town in under a weeks time with the promise of writing to you. After sex, women feel more attracted to the other participant; fact. Taking this into consideration, aswell as the emotional attatchment issues many women suffer, as I am aware I'm not alone, how exactly are we expected to distance ourselves from such a vulnerable state of being? We could all adopt a feminist approach to such situations and treat men like objects, just as they have a tendancy to treat us, distancing ourselves from any attatchment. However, no matter how strong our feminist opinions, i reckon emotion completely overrules almost everything. The best approach? Well, when I find out, you will be the first to know.

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