16 Jun 2010

Just a little bit of an outfit post. I went to Milkwood Jam to see my friend play open mic night, and if i say so myself, it was fantastic! He played one of the best 'Smiths' song and he did it wonderfully. However, I wore  a draped navy vest top and plaited sleeve purple cardigan from Topshop, paired with light denim jeans and a vintage pendant. Was feeling rather casual but fancied dressing it up just a little, and navy and plum shades of purple seem a worthy break from my usual grey/black ensembles. However, to remove the scarring youve all witnessed by my silly little face and hair au natural, I present you with some Brigitte Bardot before i depart to the land of nod. She really is ever so beautiful, Oh if only i was a blonde bombshell!
Well, my evening has been just lovely and I hope yours has been full of delights also!
Driving test tomorrow, wish me luck? Nos da lovers, xx


JOWY said...

I adore miss Bardot!

One Love,

CC said...

Fab photos! Love the last one. :)