29 Jun 2010

Makes me want cwtches and sleep, (:

27 Jun 2010

Maxi dress, coin necklace & Knee highs by Topshop, Bangles by Primark.

Trashy night out with my gays for my darling Luke's eighteenth. After being badgered by street pastoral with flipflops and bottled water, we headed off to monkey (a more alternative scene). I didn't rip my tights out of intention, come to think of it, i'm not entirely sure how this happened.
I am attempting this as soon as i get a spare minuate, So beautifully nineteen sixties as it were.

25 Jun 2010


2. Books and magazines
3. Empty wine bottles
4. Loads of Makeup
5. Jewellery
6. Photographs
7. DVD/Videos


1. Do you like someone? I think so yes
2. Does someone like you? Its not for me to say
3. Do you get bored of people? yes
4. Have you ever been lead on? yes
5. Have you ever been cheated on? somewhat
6. Do you want to be in a relationship? not sure on what I want at the moment
7. Do you wanna get married? at some point it would be nice

1. Friends/Family
2. Makeup
3. Sketchpad & pencil
4. Music
5. Phone
6. Shoes
7. Thought

1. Pyschology exam
2. Not getting into University
3. Holiday
4. Saturday night
5. A certain someone
6. Sleep
7. Summer


1. Believe in God? yes
2. Had a dream come true? yes
3. Read the newspaper? occasionally
4. Pray? not often
5. Have a best friend? yes
6. Sing? yes, i'm no good though
7. Wish on stars? yes


1. Fallen in love? perhaps
2. Kiss someone of the same sex? yes
3. Cheated? yes.
4. Been to a Bonfire? yes
5. Ran away from home? I got to the top of my driveway
6. Played strip poker? yes
7. Done an all nighter? yes

1. Cried? yes
2. Had fun? yes
3. Been kissed? no
4. Felt stupid? yes
5. Talked to an ex? no
6. Bought anything? yes
7. Used chapstick? no


1. Perfect? not at all
2. Tall? no
3. In your pajamas? yes
4. Left handed? no


1. Friend you saw: Joo/ May
2. Talked to on the phone: Mammy
3. Person to text you: Mammy
4. Was today better than yesterday? I guess


1. Number: 9
2. Colour(s): purple
3. Food: Pasta
4. Place: Lightbulb tree


1: Do you have anything bothering you? yes
2: What’s the last movie you watched in theaters? Sex and the City 2

Some Pastel inspiration - My favourite top is my purple topshop vest in the second picture, so glad that it fits into the pastel trend.

23 Jun 2010

Debbie Harry aka. Blondie
If I was to describe her in three words? Edgy, Sexy, Quirky. I wish i could pull off the whole 90's trashy look, heres to trying?

20 Jun 2010

Joni, you beautiful, beautiful artist.

18 Jun 2010

More recent buys, tshirts from urban outfitters, shorts are vintage levi 501's. Failed my driving test incidently, but at least I have clothes and music to cheer me up.
A beautiful song which I've been listening to since a young age of 6, so important to me. However, some more summer inspiration to please the crowds.

Newest purchase, Warehouse ditsy print shorts.
I love them!

16 Jun 2010

Just a little bit of an outfit post. I went to Milkwood Jam to see my friend play open mic night, and if i say so myself, it was fantastic! He played one of the best 'Smiths' song and he did it wonderfully. However, I wore  a draped navy vest top and plaited sleeve purple cardigan from Topshop, paired with light denim jeans and a vintage pendant. Was feeling rather casual but fancied dressing it up just a little, and navy and plum shades of purple seem a worthy break from my usual grey/black ensembles. However, to remove the scarring youve all witnessed by my silly little face and hair au natural, I present you with some Brigitte Bardot before i depart to the land of nod. She really is ever so beautiful, Oh if only i was a blonde bombshell!
Well, my evening has been just lovely and I hope yours has been full of delights also!
Driving test tomorrow, wish me luck? Nos da lovers, xx

15 Jun 2010

I wish I had hair like Jane Birkin, a trendy blazer to throw over my bikini on the beach and, of course, a beauitful cotton shirt to lounge around my living room in.
I understand that i look ridiculously huge, but this red dress is something that I aspire to look decent in for Summer. After watching Betty Blue for around the 4th time, I am once again pining after one. I like how red is such a different colour that not many women wear for fear of looking 'tarty' but I feel that it can be classic if worn correctly, however, it seems quite an unforgiving colour aswell. Also, this oversized strpie tshirt could look brilliant thown over a bikini with a straw trilby and some gladiator sandals or dressed up with tights, pearls, high heels and a blazer. Once money comes my way, I shall begin the summer shop. Holiday in just over 2 weeks, time to hit the gym?
Also, some summery inspiration before I hit deep slumber before my English exam, wish me luck, I fear I may need it.
Much love, Nos da x

14 Jun 2010

Stella McCartney Resort 2011

This collection seems so clean cut, so precise and effortless. From the single pleat in the peg leg trousers to the lace detailing, the pastel shades to the navy and monochrome, it is pure elegance. The garden setup of the show, where the models were placed in different stations doing their own thing, it all appears rather Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

6 Jun 2010

Bought a new dress for my Best friend's 18th night out. Im not really the right shape for body con dresses, but I couldn't resist the pretty flower detailing on the shoulders. It seems somewhat reminisant of the 1980's with the shoulders. Now, I'm no Desperately seeking Susan but I sure wish I was an 80's girl.

I tidied the mess that was my room and so, picture proof.

5 Jun 2010

4 weeks untill holiday in sunny Greece, so the salad's on tap from now on.
Would love those nude Miss Selfridge heels and Topshop bikini with mesh insert, but we shall have to wait and see!

3 Jun 2010

So you've met a decent seeming young gentleman, he's handsome, charming and just that little bit witty. You meet up for drinks, a pint of fosters for him and a small glass of white wine for you. He offers going back to his for a bottle of wine and a film, you accept. Now, it would be naive to assume that that was all that was going to occur in the preceeding two hours before you need to leave. How on this earth should you behave after this whole shenanigan? Do you text first, or wait for him? So, against all logic, you text him first knowing that he is leaving town in under a weeks time with the promise of writing to you. After sex, women feel more attracted to the other participant; fact. Taking this into consideration, aswell as the emotional attatchment issues many women suffer, as I am aware I'm not alone, how exactly are we expected to distance ourselves from such a vulnerable state of being? We could all adopt a feminist approach to such situations and treat men like objects, just as they have a tendancy to treat us, distancing ourselves from any attatchment. However, no matter how strong our feminist opinions, i reckon emotion completely overrules almost everything. The best approach? Well, when I find out, you will be the first to know.

1 Jun 2010

The healthy eating begins now, and I assure you that is quorn on my plate. 8 years vegetarian and still counting. Four weeks untill holiday so I had better get into shape.

Also, an outfit post seeing as im here. Excuse the rain hair.

So true.