27 May 2010

Favourite Bathbomb ever, I love honey.
It's been a really sunny few days and i thought I would pull a skirt on and push my fringe back for the afternoon. Just a quick outfit post really, please ignore the horrid green band from the night before.
Top - Topshop, Skirt - Zara, Bag - Thrifted, Headband - Topshop

25 May 2010

Feeling rather drifty and daydreamy at the moment, distance is a good friend of mine.

22 May 2010


Last night it was my Sixth form Prom. It was a lovely evening, champagne and photographs at Jennys, then the Marriot hotel for Prom and a bottle of wine between myself and Emily and then, of course, straight on to Wind street to do the inevitable - drink some more and end up in the gutter quite where i feel i belong. The evening was filled with somewhat bittersweet feelings as it brought it home to me that I would probably not see many of my peers properly again. However, my mood was lifted pretty much up to the stars and consellations when I  bumped into a familiar stranger -excuse the contradiction but it really is all i can describe him as for now. All in all, it was a beautiful evening and I am going to miss a lot of things I never thought I would.

21 May 2010

- nude lipstick and nail varnish, bold eye makeup
- navy, clothes/shoes/accessories, general colour lust
- florence and the machine (always a constant) 'Hardest of Hearts'
- high heels and hitched hemlines
- the mystery of how you ripped your tights the morning after the night before
- being eighteen for over a month
- cwtches and people who make you feel special
- the element of mystery when he doesn't reply immediately
- marc jacobs lola , i feel likea princess every time i wear it
- kate moss for topshop 2010, so beautiful

19 May 2010


Take me back to when the music meant something and the hemlines had no limit.

18 May 2010


Bob Dylan. One of my favourites. I've been a fan for years now but upon watching 'I'm not there', my love for this man has resurfaced. Every time I hear 'She belongs to me' I want to slip into a shift dress, tie my hair up and line my eyes before pretending that I'm from the 1960's.

13 May 2010


Just a bit of what I wore today and a sneak preview of my Prom shoes. Cardigan, Cropped shirt and Polka dot shorts, All Topshop. Prom shoes from Faith.

12 May 2010


When it feels like you aren't human ♥

11 May 2010


This gorgeous Lanvin Silk-satin Jewelled gown made my day. Upon this beautiful discovery I have decided that this is what I want for my wedding dress, if I make it down the aisle one day that is. I'm still unconvinced that love can exsist and be sustained between a man and woman, however, i would take great pride in proving myself wrong if it meant that there was a dress like this waiting at the end of the day.

Marchesa's dresses have also completely astounded me. They are so elegant and hollywood glamour with a more modern twist. I love the floaty chiffons and feathered skirts, so beauitful. I honestly wish i was rich.



'You said you'd cut yourself whilst washing up the knives, another week off school won't do you any good and I know how it feels to be your age'

9 May 2010


I got a chance to wear my beautiful new shorts on a night out for my friend Ella's birthday so I thought i would post some photos to document it. Also, i thought the third photo was pretty hilarious and felt that it was far too hysterical to be hidden away on my computer.

Senseless Acts of Beauty - You should pay a visit, So beautiful.

I stumbled across this photograph while browsing the blogsphere. I so badly want a top like this for summer and i think im going to be dying my hair at the end of the week.

8 May 2010


It was my brother's year 11 prom this evening and the girls came over to see my darling sibling in his tux and dickey bow. I am so proud of this boy, much love for him and if anyone was to even consider taking him away from me then they would not be best pleased to find out how protective I am.

5 May 2010


'It's like forgetting the words to your favourite song, you can't believe it, you were always singing along, it was so easy and the words so sweet, you can't remember, you try to feel the beat' - Regina Spektor - Eet.

4 May 2010



3 May 2010

1 May 2010


Just a quick post for May, exhausted and quite anaemic at the moment.

True, but i guess there's hope?