15 Apr 2010


The envolope i wait for ever birthday and christmas arrived. The swirly handwriting is unmistakable and i never seems to feel like my birthday without it. It is of course a birthday card from my Grampa and Mary, and will remain unopened untill the 16th.

Am in a very Joy division mood as of recent, 'She's lost Control' and 'Disorder' are my favourites. Not forgetting the Cure and the Smiths, they are quite frequent again on my playlist. I love that whole 80's moan.

Oh, Vincent. All of the best artists are mentally unstable. I am seriously considering naming my first son in the future after you.

Such a fragile organ; as easily bruised as it is loved, scars do not fade but they can be covered up to protect piece of mind. Well, my love, none of your scars will make me love you any less.

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