8 Apr 2010


They say that friends 'come and go' as it were. Men only seem to interfere, emotions get caught up on the wrong side of the battlefield. Some women are stronger, smarter or perhaps far more insecure and guard their hearts more dilligently than others, trusting in friends not to leave their side but to inspire them in confidence to help to slowly reveal part of themself to another beautiful stranger. They are the ones who will help pick up the pieces after the not so charming stranger tramples on the fragments of your heart, reguarding that you have bided your time equally between your lust and your friendship. Other women see different priority. They trust thier man with their heart, secrets and precious time whilst pushing the friends who so fevertly need them aside. Everything may seem green on their side of the fence but of short sightness becomes shortcoming. You mistreat others and you expect to be mistreated. Friendship is not a one way system, each participant in this dishearting game, and i use game lightly as we all gamble with time, should be prepared to treat each other with kindness and respect. Ignorance should not be tolerable.

Friends trample on you, aswell as men.
I guard my heart, thoughts, secrets and general being for fear of being hurt. Trust issues? Stop pushing me aside like an inconsolable child who wants 50p for an ice cream. The toys are officially out of the pram, if you dont want to be here, then i guess that i dont want you here.

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