13 Apr 2010


It doesn't look particularly sunny in the photograph, however, do not let you decieve you as it was a wonderfully bright day in the Swansea, South Wales area. Me and the girls ventured down to Langland bay to 'catch some rays' as it were, but ended up in a pub in Mumbles drinking some Rose wine, despite it being only 3 days untill i'm legally allowed to drink alcohol. In contradiction to our lovely afternoon drinks, two very drunk women were on the bus home terrorising all the teenagers asking 'Do you know what 'UB40' is?' and 'God forbid, Level 42?'. I, of course, knew that both were bands from the 80's, UB40's most famous hit being 'Red Wine' and Level 42 being one of my mothers favourite bands and a band t-shirt that i've been lucky enough to be handed down. Nobody else knew this but i wouldn't dare to open my mouth for fear of being singled out by the drunk ladies; please please please, never,ever, let me drink that much in broad daylight in my midlife crisis. Contemplating midlife crisis seems a little excessive though seeing as i'm 18 in 3 days.

Currently my favourite band, check out 'Polite dance song' and 'Man' aswell.

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