29 Apr 2010


Vintage slip, Topshop shoes, Primark belt
Please, please, please, excuse the sheer size of my legs. Just a post about my most favourite vintage find, ever. My black, chinese silk, lace slip was found at the first ever Blind vintage fair in Swansea this march. Upon speaking to the owner of the stall, i found out that it used to belong to the wife of a judge, the couple used to travel, often to China, and she was led to believe that this slip was one of their buys. I simply just adore it but haven't worn it yet. However, i intend to take it out for a turn on the town to my friends 18th, its a masquerade theme, so where else to put on such a beautiful garment?

I thought i would share my most recent charity shop find, a wooden jewellary box with mustard/beige lining. I thought it was beautiful and well worth the £1.00 that i bought it for. This way i dont have to store all of my jewellary in teacups and on teaplates, as inventive as i thought that was when i first started doing it.

I want to go to the seaside, it's about time summer arrived.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to store my jewelry in teacups and stuff (very inventive) But my mum, the ever so wonderful interior designer (not by trade, but she'd be damn good at it) modernised my room too much for my liking -.-

I'd love to go to a vintage fair, but they don't really do them here in Dublin :(

I LOVE your dress. :)

x Stay Beautiful x

Margaret said...

:O pretty!
loving the blog
great posts
stop by some time! xx