30 Apr 2010


Finally finished my 12 hour art exam and here is the end result! Its a painting in acrylic on canvas of a wilted rose. I was quite suprised at myself with this piece as i feel its completely different to work that i have done before, but i think thats a good thing. It took the entire 12 hours and i really am very proud of myself, despite how big-headed that may sound, but i have never spent so long on one painting.

Make me a cuppa? Milky, three sugars, please and thankyou (:


 Kim said...

Wow, that's so good. I love the colour?
what was your theme? x

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Cute cups! Makes me want to make tea now! xoxoxoxo

elspeth angharad said...

Thank you!! My theme was 'distressed' so i took it down a 'wilting flower' sort of route xxx

 Kim said...

Distress is such a good theme. We had obsessions and last year sanctuaries urgh. I really do love it, it's right up my street. I'd love that pattern on a dress or even covering all of my bedroom walls. Truly lovely work. x.x.x