30 Apr 2010


Finally finished my 12 hour art exam and here is the end result! Its a painting in acrylic on canvas of a wilted rose. I was quite suprised at myself with this piece as i feel its completely different to work that i have done before, but i think thats a good thing. It took the entire 12 hours and i really am very proud of myself, despite how big-headed that may sound, but i have never spent so long on one painting.

Make me a cuppa? Milky, three sugars, please and thankyou (:

29 Apr 2010


Vintage slip, Topshop shoes, Primark belt
Please, please, please, excuse the sheer size of my legs. Just a post about my most favourite vintage find, ever. My black, chinese silk, lace slip was found at the first ever Blind vintage fair in Swansea this march. Upon speaking to the owner of the stall, i found out that it used to belong to the wife of a judge, the couple used to travel, often to China, and she was led to believe that this slip was one of their buys. I simply just adore it but haven't worn it yet. However, i intend to take it out for a turn on the town to my friends 18th, its a masquerade theme, so where else to put on such a beautiful garment?

I thought i would share my most recent charity shop find, a wooden jewellary box with mustard/beige lining. I thought it was beautiful and well worth the £1.00 that i bought it for. This way i dont have to store all of my jewellary in teacups and on teaplates, as inventive as i thought that was when i first started doing it.

I want to go to the seaside, it's about time summer arrived.

28 Apr 2010


I have noticed a lot of influence from the 80's/90's in the form of hair accessories. I assure you that i am so very all for this trend and this summer you will find me in my denims, wayfarers and band t-shirts that the 80's would be proud of, with large bows and other such hairbands.
These two fall perfectly at the top of my wishlist.

The fragrance that every respectable woman wishes to own, my mother has a bottle but only uses it for special occasions. I vow that as soon as i am earning enough money to be living off, this shall be my first investment.

And just to finish, another painting from my dear Claude Monet, how beautiful.

24 Apr 2010


Summer is upon us. Pastels and nudes seem to be storming the shelves. However, much to my great despair, pastel and nude shades of clothing wash me out and leave my looking grey and, quite frankly, rather unfortunately unwell. If you do have the same problem, perhaps try nude heels, worn with skin colour tights or bare legs (depending on how brave you are) they elongate your legs.
Nude lipstick, worn delicately with mascara and fresh, dewy complextion, can give a beautiful parisian feel to an otherwise every day look. Also, dusky pink or pastel minty greens for nail varnish can update a look subtlely, making you feel more fashion forward without the washed out, ghostly.
Tights or hoisery, white, pale pink, mint green, light blue. Floaty, chiffon, ruffles, delicacy, draped.
Embrace the trend rather than hide from it.

16 Apr 2010


 Happy Birthday to me ♥

Some of my birthday presents (above), and guess what? I'm legal to drink, smoke and vote all i please.
There will be another post to come with my vintage pin up themed evening, but for now i'm just vevelling in excitement and happiness.


Beauty and the Beast, one of my current favourite disneys, obviously aside from Bambi, hunchback of notre dame and pocahontas.

Feeling rather childish in my last hours of being seventeen. Who says that we have to grow up? I sure am not going to, ever.
I still wish i was Marylin Monroe.

15 Apr 2010


The envolope i wait for ever birthday and christmas arrived. The swirly handwriting is unmistakable and i never seems to feel like my birthday without it. It is of course a birthday card from my Grampa and Mary, and will remain unopened untill the 16th.

Am in a very Joy division mood as of recent, 'She's lost Control' and 'Disorder' are my favourites. Not forgetting the Cure and the Smiths, they are quite frequent again on my playlist. I love that whole 80's moan.

Oh, Vincent. All of the best artists are mentally unstable. I am seriously considering naming my first son in the future after you.

Such a fragile organ; as easily bruised as it is loved, scars do not fade but they can be covered up to protect piece of mind. Well, my love, none of your scars will make me love you any less.

13 Apr 2010


It doesn't look particularly sunny in the photograph, however, do not let you decieve you as it was a wonderfully bright day in the Swansea, South Wales area. Me and the girls ventured down to Langland bay to 'catch some rays' as it were, but ended up in a pub in Mumbles drinking some Rose wine, despite it being only 3 days untill i'm legally allowed to drink alcohol. In contradiction to our lovely afternoon drinks, two very drunk women were on the bus home terrorising all the teenagers asking 'Do you know what 'UB40' is?' and 'God forbid, Level 42?'. I, of course, knew that both were bands from the 80's, UB40's most famous hit being 'Red Wine' and Level 42 being one of my mothers favourite bands and a band t-shirt that i've been lucky enough to be handed down. Nobody else knew this but i wouldn't dare to open my mouth for fear of being singled out by the drunk ladies; please please please, never,ever, let me drink that much in broad daylight in my midlife crisis. Contemplating midlife crisis seems a little excessive though seeing as i'm 18 in 3 days.

Currently my favourite band, check out 'Polite dance song' and 'Man' aswell.


The most beautiful of them all, i most definately would.

I have such high respect for him as an artist, oh what i would give to paint like he does.

11 Apr 2010


Sunshine rarely come to Swansea, but i don't want to jynx it.
Spent a lovely afternoon on the beach after some tinkering around the house.
The seaside, will always be the best place to be.


You wait and wait and wait for somebody decent, who seems to treat you right to appear, and all of a sudden, all of the number 37 buses arrive at exactly the same time. I wish boys were less complicated.

10 Apr 2010


Just a quick drawing, nothing special obviously, just sick of painting for the art exam and needed to do something more for myself than anyone else. 
I came across this beautiful piece of writing today which has inspired me a litte and opened my eyes. Your Surrender is Significant is insightful and well written.

One of my favourites at the moment, Dolly parton does it better of course, but i like her take on the song.

Much love x

9 Apr 2010



8 Apr 2010


They say that friends 'come and go' as it were. Men only seem to interfere, emotions get caught up on the wrong side of the battlefield. Some women are stronger, smarter or perhaps far more insecure and guard their hearts more dilligently than others, trusting in friends not to leave their side but to inspire them in confidence to help to slowly reveal part of themself to another beautiful stranger. They are the ones who will help pick up the pieces after the not so charming stranger tramples on the fragments of your heart, reguarding that you have bided your time equally between your lust and your friendship. Other women see different priority. They trust thier man with their heart, secrets and precious time whilst pushing the friends who so fevertly need them aside. Everything may seem green on their side of the fence but of short sightness becomes shortcoming. You mistreat others and you expect to be mistreated. Friendship is not a one way system, each participant in this dishearting game, and i use game lightly as we all gamble with time, should be prepared to treat each other with kindness and respect. Ignorance should not be tolerable.

Friends trample on you, aswell as men.
I guard my heart, thoughts, secrets and general being for fear of being hurt. Trust issues? Stop pushing me aside like an inconsolable child who wants 50p for an ice cream. The toys are officially out of the pram, if you dont want to be here, then i guess that i dont want you here.

6 Apr 2010


I would give my right arm anything to be a beautiful as Marilyn Monroe.


Getting down to business with the sprinkles, aged 4/5; childhood.

Have spent far too much time with myself today, in dire need to some cwtches and a cuppa.
Wrap up warm guys, spring is late on appearance, jumpers and boots untill the sun shows its face.

5 Apr 2010

easter sunday

Feels more like spring every day, despite the rain and cold that is.
It makes it rather hard to concentrate on revision, you can't help but daydream.
Have eaten far too much easter egg, gym tomorrow.

2 Apr 2010


Possibly the most beautiful of them all.
If my waist was that small, i would not be complaining.

Latest obsessions.
Shoes, shoes and more shoes. As ever, the obsession continues.
Most recently, I bought a pair of Topshop navy and cream mid-heels from Ebay.
It's funny how sophisticated heels can make you feel.

Painting. Mostly acrylic.
So expressive, laid on thick, colour and texture.

Monet. Forever beautiful, however cliche it may be that he's my favourite artist.
Ever since childhood i've been drawn to the colours and entire being of the paintings.
I will never forget his poppyfield paintings from a calendar my mother used to have, but the lillies will always be my favourite.

Rings, especially my amber and silver ring from greece.