21 Mar 2010


"We all like to think we are important enough to need psychiatrists" Sylvia Plath ♥

True words from my favourite author.
Reading 'The Bell Jar' changed my life; no exageration.
In all honesty, reading it on a family holiday was not the best of ideas because it lead me to question a lot about myself and it must have entered some deeper part of myself that i had kept dormant as i wasn't an awful lot of a fun to be near a lot of the time. It has change my view on a lot of things and i feel that i am all the better for reading. If there is one book i must recommend, it must be this.

Intoxication please.


claulovesfashion♥ said...

great pics!*



 Kimmmm said...

I absolutely love that book. the words are so powerful, i sat in silence for ages after i finished absorbing it all. It's so sad that it was autobiographical for her, and that she died 6 months after publishing. she was amazing. Her poetry is inspiring too. One of the best reads of my life so far.x