30 Mar 2010


For my eighteenth birthday on the sixteenth of April, i'm doing a 'vintage pin up girls' theme (:
Quite inspired and looking forward to it so much!
Wish me luck...

29 Mar 2010


'Secret Garden'
The brother and I found an abandoned garden as it were, places like this intrigue me.

27 Mar 2010


Another Edie post.
I have great admiration for her and it seems the greatest always die tragically.
She lives on :)
Now bring on those chandelier earrings and leotards!

21 Mar 2010


"We all like to think we are important enough to need psychiatrists" Sylvia Plath ♥

True words from my favourite author.
Reading 'The Bell Jar' changed my life; no exageration.
In all honesty, reading it on a family holiday was not the best of ideas because it lead me to question a lot about myself and it must have entered some deeper part of myself that i had kept dormant as i wasn't an awful lot of a fun to be near a lot of the time. It has change my view on a lot of things and i feel that i am all the better for reading. If there is one book i must recommend, it must be this.

Intoxication please.

20 Mar 2010


Bob Dylan.
Bob Dylan.
Simplistic, blunt and captivating.

18 Mar 2010



still unwell, some photos to brighten up the mood.
all i want is cwtches and disney :)

16 Mar 2010


Will do some more writing and proper posts soon, just feeling a little under the weather currently.
Far too much schoolwork and not enough beauty sleep, it's hardly a pretty mixture.

15 Mar 2010

My beautiful mini :)
All that's left to do now is pass my test!

14 Mar 2010

mothering sunday

The most important person in my life.
 She's inspiring, strong and beautiful, always.
I love you mammy, xx

11 Mar 2010


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'its a shame you dont know what youre running from'

9 Mar 2010


New Hair :)
Am considering dying it darker soon also.

7 Mar 2010


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Blindlemonvintage hosted the vintage fair in Swansea for the first time ever, there was nothing that would have got in my way of going. There really is something extraordinary and beautiful about vintage clothing, jewellary and trinkets that draws me in like a bee to a flower.

4 Mar 2010


This makes me want to rub my face in a sugary jam doughnut and tie my hair up away from my face.

3 Mar 2010


actually beautiful, have a listen?

2 Mar 2010


Rock and roll, rip your tights and pile on the mascara.

1 Mar 2010


a few sketches, wilted roses.
quite thoughtful this monday, wrap up warm guys because it's a cold one :)