27 Jan 2010

inspirational wednesday.

26 Jan 2010

In everything and anything you do and/or are, somebody will find fault.
Let them keep their cynisism, it isn't of any use to you.
Find who you are and everything else should find you.

19 Jan 2010

You shouldn't lurk in doorways
for whispers belong in privacy.

You shouldn't lurk in doorways
for secrets are bound in trust.

You shouldn't lurk in doorways
for your ears, intrude.

17 Jan 2010


heart mirror - urban outfitters
lilac lace frill top - urban outfitters
black beads- topshop
floral tea dress - topshop
brown plaited waist belt - primark

The snow having retreated, postmen are finally able to deliver parcels and with this, to my delight, arrived my urban outfitters package containing this adorable fairytale heart mirror, lilac lace top and a pair of floral knickers. Also, upon my almost weekly visit into Topshop, i discovered this beautiful tea dress for on twenty pounds in the sale. All of this has led me to feel quite fairytale and girly, so i put on my favourite vintage nightie, tidied my bedroom and painted my nails. Saturday nights in seem incidently to be a good way to spend my time.

3 Jan 2010

Betty Blue

He had an angular jaw. Sharp, jagged, much like broken glass, and dusted with stubble. Possesing thin lips that drew in a dimpled curvature upon her arrival, made only for a schoolboy grin. Large dark fingers that fingered the cuffs of his cobalt blue sweater, artist's hands. A writer. She had ebony hair, strands full of spirit that flew eagerly across dewy cheeks and retreated to reveal soft features. Wind and elation, freedom and desolation. Underneath beauty, insantity.

Betty Blue inspires me.

1 Jan 2010

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

We have been counting down and finally, our clean slate has arrived with 2010.
An oppotunity for re-invention has presented itself, and I am not going to let it slide through my fingertips.
Blwyddyn newydd dda, xx