4 Dec 2009

Time for a change. Am going to blog more and get myself sorted. Christmas is on the horizon and that means party dresses, ridiculously high heels, cheesy christmas pop song, cake and friends/family. What more could you ask for? For beautiful christmas cake ideas i seriously suggest that you visit bakerella.com. Just looking at her cakes seems to make me salivate just that little bit. Also, if your'e stuck on what you could get for your girlfriends, or perhaps you just need to spice up that christmas outfit, try riverisland.com. The earrings and other jewellary are delightful and wont break the bank either! Now, boys have this awful tendancy to all of a sudden to not want anything i find, yet complain when they end up with flashing-nosed, jingle bell singing, christmas socks. All I have to say on the matter is topman.co.uk. Although some items can be quite pricey, the boxers and tshirts are usually a hit (I haven't heard any complaints so far). On top of all of this frantic christmas shopping mayhem, I find myself, and my mother, often panicking about wrapping these well thought out christmas gifts, however, I have a plan this year. Simplicity appeals to me fair amounts recently and I am only going to use brown packaging paper with red ribbon. Why not try personalised gift tags? Perhaps some old fashioned tie on tags with a sweet pen drawing of a robin.

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