23 Nov 2009


I have just posted some of my most recent paintings for my Art coursework. After being told that I couldnt paint portraits I decided to attempt to prove my teacher wrong. They aren't amazing and I'm aware of that but I thought i'd share.
Stay Beautiful x

12 Nov 2009

I quite fancied myself an underwear designer last night after finally finding my favourite Fifi Chachnill bra.  Undergarments are not only to hold everything in, and in no way would i recommend some Gok Wan inspired control pants, who feels attractive in those bad boys? Pretty, lacy and feminine lingerie changes how you feel throughout the whole day, for instance, you may have walked to work in the pouring wet rain and ruined your hair and your shirt has gone slightly seethrough, at the end of the day, you are wearing gorgeous undergarments and there really is something quite empowering about it ( besides, sometimes drowned rat can look androgeonously seductive, especially with smudged eyeliner). Every woman loves underwear and so I was quite inspired, I have intentions to carry on with some designs as soon as i have a spare moment. With things being quite hectic with school and Work, there is barely any time for socialising and blogging, yet I have hopes of more recipies, some photography possibly and maybe even some of my (not very good but elligible) writing. 

Stay Beautiful x

1 Nov 2009

Hallow's eve

Sprawled over the pavement at around four am on wind street, Cats, Devils, Vampires, zombies and Smurfs. Too much to drink and memory loss on the horizon, they lay there with wide pupils and gormless expressions. Another excuse to dress up as somebody who's not yourself for an evening, sombody with a more carefree attitude and troubles, when is enough, enough? We really are such an insecure nation.