21 Oct 2009

Bra and pants- Topshop
Corset top- Christopher Kane (for Topshop)
Satin trousers- New Look
Shoes- Topshop
Shrug - Topshop
Clutch- New Look
Bracelets- Miss Selfridge

With Halloween approaching, Deep velevets, Lace overlay and sequins seem to be in full bloom. It seems that glamour is pitching up her ebony black tent with diamond encrusted doors and is here to stay for winter. Lace tops can be dressed up with studded jewellary or sequin blazers, or dressed down with a chunky winter scarf and lace up boots. Perhaps try a velvet body with satin trousers to play around with texture or maybe just wear a velvet bra underneath a slouchy vest and skinny jeans for a more subtle approach. With regards towards footwear, heels are getting higher and higher each time i check. Treat yourself, afterall, us girls can never have too many pairs of shoes, can we? Makeup can be kept discreet for the daytime but smokey eyes and black nail polish can be a nice touch for an evening out on the razz. All I have left to say is Glam it up girlies, we're worth all the fuss!

14 Oct 2009


I took this photo on a visit to New Quay West Wales. The beautiful subject of my photo is my best friend, Emily. She is beautiful and will be used in my art coursework frequently. For this years coursework, I am focusing on portraiture and youth problems in particular. Having had such an open day and such a melancholy attitude this autumn day, I'm feeling particularly inspired.

11 Oct 2009


Edie Sedgwick
Take note, important 60's icon.

From her pixie haircut and chandelier earrings to her elfin features and troubled background, its no wonder that she captured Andy Warhol's eye. Andy was fascinated by her and everyone wanted their 15 minuates of fame, just like now where people will do anything to be noticed. Fame destroyed Edie but her style and charm still remains.