25 Sep 2009


Uses ribbons instead of hair bobbles, be inventive.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
8oz Plain Flour
4oz Butter/Cooking Margerine
1 teaspoon Baking Powder (Bicarb.of Soda can also be used)
6oz Caster Sugar
2oz Chocolate Chips
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1 Egg, Beaten
Sift the Flour and Baking Powder into a large bowl
Rub in the Butter and add the Caster Sugar and Chocolate Chips.
Then, add the Vanilla Essence and the Egg and make into a dough.
Wrap the dough in Foil and refridgerate over night.
The next morning, roll out the dough so that it isn't too thick but not to thin either.
Use cutters or an overturned glass to cut out the dough.
Pre heat the over at 190 degrees and then put the Cookies in for 10-12 mins.
Leave to cool on wooden racks and serve.


Anonymous said...

mmmm chocolate chip cookies...now i'm sort of tempted to wander downstairs and make a batch for my midnight snack :-)

Lilee said...

wow, you're so pretty! love the cookies! haha mmmmmm