12 Sep 2009

heroes and villians

I woke up to my bag ,false eyelashes attached and spilling across emily's floor, and my pajama bottoms dotted with red wine drips. Surely this was the end to a good night out.

We went to an 18th party, fancy dress 'heroes and villans'. Catherine was Batgirl, Emily P was Robin, Emily A was link and I was the Qeen of hearts. We had all pretty much made our costumes ourselves and continued to spend the evening drinking wine and listening to Lady gaga. Having thoroughly enjoyed the party we decided to go onto town. Already pretty trollied there wasnt need for much money to be spent, however town was practically derelict. On return to the house we managed to fall asleep in the taxi before venturing up Emily's akward staircase where we laughed for hours on end about the class clown dressed up as Borat in his mankini and the memory of me running into Emily's dangerous window earlier on that night and how i now have a cut on my forehead. Not to mention the mysterious other cuts and bruises we regularly aquire on our nights out.

Quite an eventful evening all in all.

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