8 Sep 2009

Bonjour mon Cherie

Audrey Tautou, quite possibly one of the most beautiful women i have ever come across, plays Coco with elegance. She is inspiring and ambitious as famous Coco Chanel, just as Coco herself. I think that Audrey was well cast and that french films have a certain eloquence about them that is both intriguing and addictive. This brought to mind my mum's Betty Blue Soundtrack which i used to dance around my front room to. The eerie rise and fall of Gabriel Yared's compositions spark something inside of me and make me feel at once whimsical. The effortless chic parisian fashion paired with the 'I've just rolled around in bed with my devine Poet Boyfriend for the entire morning, jealous?' hair and minimal makeup looks quite unsuprisingly quaint. This appears to be an all of recent development admiration for french culture; the films, the music, the fashion. ♥

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