14 Jun 2009


Haven't ever really blogged before in my life, but, afterall, summer is practically here and what else am i going to do? Really, driving lessons are just terrifying and Glorious bikini wearing sunshine is occasional and tends not grace Swansea with its presence often.

I have just been watching the Isle of Wight Festival on my television and wishing to myself that i was there. However, the horrid truth is that i am entirely broke and incapable of driving to a festival in any case. My conclusion is that i will create my own festival with a den of sheets instead of a tent, music channel and guitar hero as the entertainment and alcohol and fairy lights to complete the night. It's obviously not quite Johnny Borrell and Faris Badwan but it could do in the safe hands of good company and fine wine. Failing that i should maybe get a life and go to one of Swansea bays beachpartys which in my experience have only ever involved lambrini and too much sand to handle. Oh dear....

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