3 Feb 2015

Accessories, accessories, accessories! 

My favourite jewellery for February by Accessorize.

My favourite way to change up my favourite outfits is with jewellery. Be it understated and dainty, or chunky and bold, I like to make a statement. I have a few pieces of jewellery that do not leave my being; my gold 'diamond' flower ring (secondhand, bought for my 15th birthday from my parents), my silver celtic amber ring (bought for my 18th birthday from my brother) and my Clogau charm bracelet (graduation present), but aside from my special 'I'm never ever taking this off' jewellery, I like to switch it up a bit. 

My picks for this February (above) are mainly semi-precious stones and gold. My gold plated amethyst 'Z' for Accessorize ring has very quickly become my favourite piece, alongside my turquoise statement necklace. My mandala pendant from December goes with every outfit and is easy to layer, especially with a plain lariat or a couple of shorter gold chains. Jewellery changes how I feel about an outfit and for this February I am channelling gold, semi-precious stones and layering.

Painting on a smile!

Just a few of my favourite cosmetics this February!

My Yardley 'English Lavender' perfume is a perfect everyday fragrance. Lavender has always been my favourite scent, it calms me down when I am anxious/stressed/upset and sends me straight to sleep when I struggle to catch well deserved Z's. I can't leave my house without a spritz, however, i may need to buy some more pretty quickly as I am a little bit too spritz happy.

Steffan, my lovely (grumpy) little baby brother bought the Soap and Glory 'Great Kisser' lip balm for me for christmas. I am a big Soap and Glory fan and this lip balm genuinely brightens my day. What could be better than peach scented moisturised lips? I also love the Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker' in Whoopink. Every girl want pink glossy barbie lips every no and again.

Amongst my favourites is the Ted Baker blusher, Seventeen's 'Phwoarr Paint' concealer, Seventeen's 'Define and Contour' contour palette and Estee Lauder mascara. 

8 Jan 2015

Goodbye 2014

2014 was a tough year, but I know now what I am grateful for most in life; My amazing and super crazy family, my gorgeous and equally as crazy friends and all of the wonderful moments that we share.

24 Nov 2014

Monday Morning

I woke up to a tidy bedroom after a terrible nights sleep and a nightmare about ghosts of the past and blueberry ice-cream. After an acceptable recovery period of around 10 minutes, I checked my phone to find seven messages from my best friend about a man who took up two seats on the train and smelt of stale cigarettes. She know how to entertain and after a giggle I rolled out of bed to face the day. I had a bath and dried my hair before choosing an outfit. 

I opted for my H&M velvet and sheer skater dress with a black belt and earring from New Look. 
After a quick breakfast, I headed to my car and took to the Gower. I drove through common land filled with sheep, cows and wild horses and sang my heart out to the most awful songs on my iPod. I stopped at Oxwich bay and sat on the beach to make lists and breathe in sea air. Nothing calms me down quite like the seaside.

I returned home with a pocketful of beach stones and sea glass, shortly after an overexcited dog introduced himself to me. He jumped all over my writing and my dress and somehow ended up in my bag at one point. A warm greeting, but my bag is now full of sand. 

12 Nov 2014

26 Oct 2014


I feel as though I am ever so slightly losing my marbles of recent.
I have spent so much time pretending that I'm okay when I'm not that I have genuinely made myself more ill than I needed to be;  Tonsillitis struck and he struck hard. However, my hero, Antibiotics, have come to the rescue...all eight tablets a day of them. The positive side of acute tonsillitis? I finally had some actual headspace to start drawing and painting again. The most recent inspiration/fixation being mermaids. The purple haired, flower crowned, unfinished attempt (above) is my favourite mermaid of the batch. 

I would just love to be a mermaid.

Some inspiration;

(images from Pinterest)

9 Oct 2014


I have recently learnt the hard way that you should never take for granted the wonderful things that surround you. The past month has been a blur of tears, smiles and realisation. I had not realised how much my family were there for me and had not realised how many true friends I actually had. To all of you, I am forever grateful. I have been forced to look at my life and at myself, and was surprised at what I found.

1. Sometimes, you really do need to remember that you need to look after number one. 
I have a terrible habit of putting everyone else's problems before mine, and in turn end up taking them on as my own, to the extend that I had completely forgotten that I actually needed some TLC! 
Remember, You are just as important! It is definitely still important to help others but you cannot take on more than you can handle for fear of losing yourself.

2. You are a Strong, independent, female human being!!
Own it! Everybody has those days where you feel like the whole world is against you and that everything that is going wrong is impossible to bounce back from. Pick yourself up girly, you got this! It's all about self belief.
Take time out for yourself; do something you love, go somewhere you love, paint, photograph, write, eat, drink - Just enjoy! 

3. Don't underestimate your friends and family.
Whatever it is that you are going through, they have and always will be there for you, just like you are there for them! They have your best interests at heart, they just want you to be happy and will make sure that they help to the best of their ability.
Remember why you surround yourself with these people. They are wonderful to you in every individual way and just like you love them, they love you right back!

Images from weheartit.com

8 Oct 2014


All Topshop.

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Autumn is my favourite season of the whole year and this year I am just as excited as ever! Usually I would covert anything burgundy, anything that looks hand-knitted by one of those grannies on the shreddies advert and, of course, the perfect pair of boots in preparation to take me through to the rainy winter that is inevitable seeing as I live in Wales. This year however, I am feeling ever so slightly more adventurous. Previously I have shied away from certain items of clothing because I believed that I was too large to 'pull them off', but lets cut the BS, we are all beautiful so why on earth shouldn't we wear what we like?!! So, in light of my most recent realisations, I am just dying to buy this light pink chenille cropped jumper and textured leopard print mini skirt!! I would wear them together with some burgundy shoe boots and my leather jacket for that extra edge. For a more dressed up evening look, I am very much fancying the digital floral print dress (above) with those very high, very cream, very classic heels. I'd pair them with a smart pastel coloured jacket and a floppy hat for a bit of glamour. I just cannot wait for Autumn this season!!

What are you coveting this Autumn?