3 Aug 2014


I made a Courting cake for my boyfriend and I's first anniversary.

This July has been a big month.

Firstly: It was me and Sam's first anniversary as a couple! The year has been one of my happiest, filled with beach trips, cake and laughter. So, to celebrate this, I made Sam a courting cake (above) and a scrapbook.

Sam with his scrapbook

Secondly: There has been plenty of drawing and creativity. I can't help but be inspired by everything and i'm never happier than with a pencil in my hand!

Fashion illustrations


Thirdly: I am currently half way through the 'Go Wales Graduate Academy' and am completing my work experience at a wonderful design company! I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment so far and have met some wonderful wonderful people!

My Smart Business outfits

All in all, It's been a lovely, if not too busy, month.
I hope you all had a good July!

8 Jul 2014

Ten Things I Know to be True Right Now

Monsoon Jacket/Topshop Dress

Its been a year since I left university as an English and Creative writing graduate. It has been a year of part time retail work, visual communications, romance, tears and general wondering about where my life is going. I feel it's time to tell the brutal honest truth, for those who have just finished a degree, as I had done last year: It's okay to struggle. After having spent most of a lifetime in education and at the ripe old age of twenty two, I have come to the realisation that I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I have a fantastic CV full of voluntary experience, retail experience, bar work, hobbies, goals, aim...blahblah..but what good is that when it seems near impossible of holding down one singular dream? I want to illustrate (Books, Leaflets, Adverts, T-shirts, Fashion features and basically anything and everything that crosses my path). I want to write (Articles in magazines, newspapers, websites). I want to be happy and comfortable, and I would really like to stop paying for everything in five pence pieces. However, what could be more character building than paying for something in small silvers and having a cashier laugh at you? It all makes for good literature, for good illustration. So, I have decided to take charge and stop moping around.  

Inspired by Sarah Kay, one of my favourite spoken word poets, I will write a list of ten things that I know to be true right now.

1. People are not always what they seem
2. Reading is good for the soul
3. Money doesn't make people happy. Money makes people ungrateful.
4. Happiness is the ultimate goal
5. The seaside actually calms you down
6. True Friends and/or Family are important to mental heath
7. Keeping everything inside will only make you bitter
8. The rain isn't always cold
9. Ice-cream doesn't solve anything, but it certainly helps
10. To draw is to see

22 Jun 2014

Cei Newydd

So, where better for a spot of photography than a day trip to New Quay West Wales?!!
I have been going to New Quay in summer since I was a little girl (ice-cream and jellyfish/dolphin spotting), then again as a teenager (wine drinking, running around barefoot, foolery) and now again, as an adult - somewhat. This time was a little more sophisticated, but so much more touristy. We all sat on the grass overlooking the harbour and beach eating ice-cream and giggling at the overexcited puppy that insisted on clambering all over my boyfriend and at my grandma dripping ice-cream down her skirt. After this, my boyfriend and I took a stroll up to the car boot sale, situated in the car park at the very top of New Quay, where I purchased a gemstone charm bracelet for a mere £1.50. We walked past Dylan Thomas' favourite watering hole, an array of flora and fauna and an abundance of very excited, ice-cream covered, bucket and spade carrying children. This was followed by a lunch at The Hotel Penwig, my favourite pub, and a wander down the pier that my best friend and I used to swim from, weaving through the boats on the mooring and back again. All in all, it was a lovely summers day! 


14 Jun 2014

Picnic in the sun

The sun pokes its head out from behind a cloud and the whole of swansea is sent into a frenzy; me included. I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my sunshine filled Thursday than to head down to three cliffs bay for a picnic with my boyfriend and his mandolin. When I was younger, my mum used to make picnics and take me and my little brother out for the day, and so, this is one of my favourite things ever. 

9 Apr 2014

Day Two #100dayshappy

So here we go, day two.

Illustration is my passion and so when my lecturer suggested I focus my attentions on lingerie design, after she saw a piece from my 'about me' project, and honestly, it was the best thing anyone had ever said to me. Lingerie is one of my favourite things in the world and so to combine my two passions as one, well, what a dream come true?!

8 Apr 2014

Day One of #100dayshappy

I know that I am very guilty of ignoring the little things that make me happy on a day to day basis as much as the next person. This beautifully simple challenge is just a lovely excuse for me to recapture that love for every day that fails to register in my thought process currently. My boyfriend suggested that I join him in this quest and so, here goes!!

Day One; 

Seeing as he suggested that I do the challenge, and maybe something to do with how much I love him, my beautiful boyfriend is going to be the feature of Day One's ' #100dayshappy. This poor boy has to put up with everything from my incredibly annoying need to be outside most of the time to my awful habits and grumpy, tear-fuelled tantrums. After a lovely seven months together, I can safely come to the conclusion that this lovely lunatic of a boyfriend I have acquired makes me happy at least once every single day. 


6 Apr 2014

It's been a little while.

Apologies. It's been a little while since I've blogged on this account. But rest assured, I shall be more proactive from this moment forward. 

A quick update: I am now almost finished with my art foundation course (exhibition is in May, Scary!!)  and I am still a sales assistant at Monsoon. It has been a busy few months but at last it is April! My favourite (mainly because it's my birthday month but who doesn't love a few April showers?!). Anyway, I've been thinking long and hard about my career choices and I still have almost no idea what I want to settle on. I know, however,  that I will not be happy if I am not in the creative industry in some way. 


I also have a beautiful boyfriend of seven months of whom I shall blog about soon enough.
However, what to expect in the following blog posts? Fashion, outfit of the week, illustrations, exhibition progress, food and plenty of inspiration.

Keep visiting me and I shall try not to disappoint further!